Top 8 Hidden Beach in Bali, Full Of Calmness

Top 8 Hidden Beach in Bali, Full Of Calmness

Bali is famous for its beaches. Arguably if the beach is one of the mainstay tourism in Bali. So don’t be surprised if in a great many tourists visiting the beaches in Bali. For those of you who are not so fond of the atmosphere of a beach too crowded, Bali is also still has a lot of Natural beaches and hidden that you can explore! The beauty of the hidden beaches is also not less beautiful from the popular beaches in Bali. Here there are 8 hidden Beach in Bali that could be your next holiday destination.

1. Bias Tugel Beach

One beach is not so far from the port of Padang Bai, however, the terrain to the beach is pretty steep so you must prepare physically strong to roam the beach. In the local language, means the coast of tugel bias cut because this beach area is not so wide and flanked a large rock on the right and left. At this beach, you can swim, diving, snorkeling, beautiful photo hunt to explore the beautiful coral reefs around this beach. To reach the coast Bias Tugel, you can follow the small road which is a few hundred meters from the entrance to the port of Padang Bai. If you already found the unmarked ‘ White Sand Beach ‘, ye steep downhill towards the beach.

Bias Tugel Beach

2. Atuh Beach

Located on the Beach of Nusa Penida, Atuh has guaranteed super pretty scenery would make you enjoy a day at the beach! It has a super clear ocean water with a bluish tint. In addition, around the beach, there is also a steep cliff which increasingly adds to the beauty of the scenery around this beach. Another attraction of this beach is the coral color which can be clearly seen when ocean waters were receding.

Atuh Beach Panoramic

3. Gunung Payung Beach

Hidden Beach in Bali and other mandatory you went to is Gunung Payung Beach. Located in Nusa Dua area, access to the beach is not very challenging as other hidden beaches. The beach is not far from the beaches of the Pandavas, so you can ask questions to the local community. It could be through the Gunung Payung Beach but have to pass hundreds of stairs. Gunung Payung Beach provides not less beautiful than other beaches in Bali. At this beach, you can surf to the hunting snorkeling photos! You can also see the activities of the communities surrounding the beach collecting sea urchins and seaweed as well.

4. Green Bowl Beach

This beach is located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta, Badung, Bali. Called the Green Bowl Beach because the sea water receded, a cluster of coral on the beach it will ‘ bracketing ‘ of the remaining water with MOSS and form natural pools in green are very pretty. The Beach also has a surrounding small caves cave inhabited by bats. The beach is so beautiful, have soft white sand and crystal-clear water. To reach this beach, you can head to the North of Uluwatu Temple and asks about the instructions to the people way to the beach. The location of this beach is quite far from the center of Denpasar city, so don’t be surprised if this beach is still quiet and awake nice.

Green Bowl Beac in Bali

5. Nyang Nyang Beach

Will pay a visit to Uluwatu Temple? Don’t forget to stop by the Nyang Nyang Beach! Beautiful white sandy beaches this includes Natural beaches in Bali, which is still empty of visitors. So for those of you who want a mess on the beach and away from the crowds, this could be an option. This beach is located on the Highway this place Uluwatu so far from Uluwatu Temple. We follow the dirt road near the temple and follow the road directions to the Park Board ‘ Nyang Nyang Surf Beach ‘. All the way to the beach you will cross the beautiful rice field area, and then had to abseil through hundreds of stairs. Even though it requires a struggle to get to this beach but will be paid off in full with beautiful Beach Nyang Nyang; seemed to be in a privately owned Beach!

6. Soka Beach

For those of you who like adventure, a Soka Beach is located in Tabanan, Bali, this could be a tourist destination. Soka Beach has a unique view of the super views. The sand-colored black, moss-covered coral rocks and green hills that surround this beach provides an unusual view. From this beach, you can see the top of Mount Agung. Oh yes, this beach also keep legend! On the West Coast there is large rock called Payuk Rape Iwa reportedly is stoneware used legendary Rape Iwa to Cook! Regardless is correct or not, but the beauty of this beach needs no doubt!

7. Amed Beach

Another exotic beach in Bali which also still hidden and yet so many visitors are the beaches of Amed. Just as the coast of Amed Beach has to sand Soka are black, seawater is clear and calm, flat-lagoon and gaps – gaps are beautiful coral reefs. Around the beach are also available cheap accommodation choice of many lively kinds of seafood is obliged to be sampled.

8. Yeh Leh Beach

This beach is located on the border of Tabanan and Jembrana Regency and popular among anglers. Unlike other beaches in Bali that have white sand and gentle, Yeh this ye Leh won’t find sand, but the rocks of various sizes are not known where it came from. To get to this beautiful beach is actually not too difficult. This beach is located on the side of the highway Denpasar – Gilimanuk and advised to come when sea water recede so that you can enjoy the beauty of the arrangement of the beautiful rocks while seeing marine animals are trapped between rocks on the beach.

Published on Aug 21, 2017 | Under Beach | By nurjati
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