Top 5 Budget Places for Swimming with Whale Sharks

Top 5 Budget Places for Swimming with Whale Sharks

The friend of man in the sea, not just dolphins only. Now the traveler adds one more friend to their sea namely the whale shark. The whale shark is the largest fish species in the world. This fish was able to grow throughout the 13 meters with a weight of 15 tons. But the very size of these animals turned out to be benign enough why the food is only free of plankton and small fish.

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The whale shark has a great body with a total-white all over her body total. In fact this one different animal with the sharks in General that has the instinct to kill sharp. The whale shark is apparently more benign and often traveler whose hobby diving makes this perhaps the Sharks swim their best friend. Unfortunately not all the places there are these types of sharks, at least the following 5 best places to find whale sharks in the world.

1. The Gulf of Cendrawasih – Papua Indonesia

The Gulf of Cendrawasih marine conservation area is the largest in Indonesia as well as the whale shark research center. There’s a whale shark in the Gulf of Cendrawasih looks already quite accustomed to the presence of the traveler. They are not ashamed to come to the surface and interact with tourists.

Create a traveler who can hardly wait to swim with the sharks with just prepare tool dive or snorkel and fly to Papua. Entrance to the National Park of the Bay of paradise-not expensive, for domestic travelers only charged us $5 thousand while the dive, if you want, have to pay again to Rp. 25 thousand. Very cheap right?

2. Donsol – Philippines

Another option to see the whale sharks can be done abroad. The option nearest to the Philippines which is still an area with Indonesia that is equally a part of Southeast Asia. The residence of the whale shark in Donsol, Philippines is on in this giant shark lived there or just migrate.

The best time to visit is in the range of Donsol November through June and the number of sharks will experience a peak in February and April. Come at times that if wanted to meet marine animals. Donsol is one of the best spots to meet a whale shark in the world. This location has a characteristic such as the Gulf of paradise in Indonesia where a traveler need not be diving to see sharks simply snorkel shark on the surface and will come to invite you to swim with.

3. Ningaloo Reef – Australia

Switching to a country in Australia. The country also has a cool spot see whale sharks. These sharks like to live in the Ningaloo Reef, a reef Australia’s largest cluster. A cluster of coral has located 1,200 km from the coastal city of Perth in Western Australia.

This site won a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2011 because inhabited more than 300 species of marine fauna including giant animals. To be able to meet with the whale shark is a traveler can follow the tour package such as Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim. Make sure you come between mid-March to July. It is the best time to wait for the emergence of huge marine animals cute.

4. Koh Tao – Thailand

Returned to Southeast Asia in Thailand. You could meet and swim with a whale shark in Koh Tao. This is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand that exist on the islands of Chumphon. The area grew with the presence of whale sharks in its waters.

Koh Tao is a small island with an area of no more than 21 square kilometers. The waters of this island are famous as the original whale shark habitat so that the diving spots make it as the target for tourists. Another site before, here the traveler is required to dive if you want to meet a whale shark. They should be a 15-minute speedboat ride towards the dive spot Chumphon Pinnacle. The number of whale sharks will multiply the time from April to June.

5. South Ari Atoll – Maldives

Maldives is famous as the island nation in the tropics a very riveting. The waters of these countries becoming the target of tourists from different parts of the world. It’s also live in various kinds of sea fauna, one of which is a whale shark aka the whale shark. Yes, the waters of the Maldives being one home to world’s largest marine animals.

Spot swim with whale sharks in the Maldives called South Ari Atoll. Come in between May to December and You will be able to swim with the sharks-these sharks with satisfied there. You can also stay in one of the luxury hotels and resorts that are located not far from the South Ari Atoll as Conrad Rangali Island. Vacation in Maldives will always give an unforgettable experience.

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Well, that’s five best places to swim with the whale shark. Already have you ever swim with this gigantic marine animals?

Published on Apr 3, 2017 | Under Diving | By nurjati
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