Best 9 Babymoon Destinations Europe

Best 9 Babymoon Destinations Europe

Pregnancy is a great moment of happiness for every woman. Therefore, the pregnant women like to do different things during her pregnancy, one of them through the tour.

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Pregnancy was three months is the moment that is still safe to travel and adventure. But note the distance of the route of flight. Search for short distances achieved and ensure the availability of medical care during the flight.

There are various types of tempting holiday tours to do pregnant women. However, not all types of tours can be done because it is considered unsafe and risky interfere with fetal and maternal health.

But the sights which are the safest and best thing to do during pregnancy? The following reviews some of the best places for pregnant women reported by the HappyTrips page:

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe against the backdrop of the mountains. On the other hand, there are vines. There are many special places to live around the Lake, including the Villa Feltrinelli, suitable for those who want to be pampered. In addition, there are beautiful gardens to visit and more active pursuits such as kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Frenchman Bay

This is the prettiest and most interesting Bay in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Frenchman’s Bay consists of a meandering lagoon in the vicinity there is sand from one direction. In addition, it is flanked between two small headlands that are surrounded by greenery makes this beach glowing lights in green.

Deadman Bay

Located in the heart of Peter Island Resort, this place has long white sands of curves and smooth are equipped with small rocks. This private island reserved for the resort. You can also go by boat or ferry from Baugher Bay and spent the day there. Many of the activities that can be done, such as snorkeling and other water sports.

Miraval Life in Balance Spa

Balance Spa is designed with a very exclusive and have been awarded since the presentation of the best treatments with the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The service here offers a menu for the most innovative fitness can improve their body. The workmanship in place addressed by therapists who have studied in all corners of the world with the expertise that is no doubt.

The Spa here is aimed at the treatment of the mind, body, and spirit. Notable television host Oprah Winfrey often visit this place. It is said that here the best place for meditation and yoga instruction and healing in ancient tradition.

In addition to spa treatments and so this place offers activities, such as bird watching, cycling, hiking, massage, nutrition classes, horseback riding, swim in the outdoor pool, golf, pilates and general fitness.

Golden Door Spa

Over the past 45 years practicing Golden Door has given maximum comfort to the client containing. Your time will be filled in different ways depending on your personal goals, such as diet, fitness, beauty or relaxing, in spite of it all, you will be pampered by the friendly staff hospitality. Other things that can be done outside the treatment rooms, such as the gym, hiking, and enjoying the garden of jasmine Japan.

Buttonwood Bay

Part of white sands in the Great Harbour, Peter Island and away from the Resort. The current location of this jug has a prospect of beach rock and iguanas that are accessible by a shuttle twice a day. Disektiarnya, there are hammocks, visitors also can work out water, snorkeling and a restaurant that serves lunch.

Village in the mountains of Troodos

Is the tranquil villages with the contour level. the village here has a garden, simple stone houses, Byzantine churches and monasteries of the middle ages that are recognized as a world heritage site.

This place has a number of colonial hill resort can be found here in between Platres, in which Daphne du Maurier wrote Rebecca and King Farouk of Egypt came to vacation. In addition, here is famous for its mineral springs are the most productive. A garden of grapes grown on the island and became popular tourist resorts.

Lake Como

Just a train ride from Milan you will find an incredible miracle that is Lake Como. During a train along the way, you’ll see the beauty of the other side of a lake in a tunnel.

It’s not just the Lake but a work of God which is dotted with small islands and surrounded by the largest of the Alps in Italy. This is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest lakes in all of Europe. But, of course, the Lake has a natural beauty that is located in the mountains and the city makes it a truly spectacular place to visit.

Lake Maggiore

Located on the southern side of the Alps, Lake Maggiore which is the second largest lake in Italy. Because the climate is mild throughout the year, the region is filled with Mediterranean vegetation and exotic plants.

Lake Maggiore never mentioned in the famous novel Ernest Hemingway, that is, A Farewell to Arms when the main character along with her lover had to paddle across the Lake to escape from Carabinieri or police of Italy. However, you certainly do not need to run away from the beauty of this Lake.

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